Program List of Inner Mongolia Art Troupe


1.开场:男女群舞《吉祥颂》??Group danceAuspiciousness Ode?

The dance expresses the passion and praise of the people from the grassland for life. Wish the grassland auspiciousness and peace.

2.蒙古族长调《小黄马》??Mongolian long tune Little Yellow Horse:

Long tune is one of the main art forms of Mongolian folk songs. Its musical features include high pitch, broad range, beautiful and smooth tune, great melody changes and free and long rhythm. This song is an ode to Mongolian horses. It sings?the?praises?of?the little yellow horse’s physical appearance and its heroic bearing of galloping on the grassland.


3.男群舞蹈《骏马赞》?Male group dance?《?Ode to Steeds

The Mongolian dance is about steeds, which are Mongolians’ loyal pals in their nomadic lives, depicting the scene of Mongolian horses galloping on the grassland. The dance movements mimic Mongolian horses’ gait and dashing jumps, showcasing the quintessence of Mongolian dance.


??4.杂技表演《高车踢碗》??Acrobatic ?Kicking Bowls5?on the Monocycle

Kicking Bowls on the Bicycle is one of the Acrobatic Troupe of?Inner Mongolia Bureau Of National Art Troupes’ branded acrobatic shows with the artistic features of the grassland nationality. In the program, one acrobat riding on a monocycle kicks five bowls simultaneously, with extremely difficult performance.


5.女群舞蹈《绣》Female group dance?Embroidering?

This is a piece of modern dance featuring Mongolian traditional embroidery. The elegant dancing posture sings the praises of and inherits Mongolian traditional culture.


6.男生三人舞《牧人浪漫曲》Men’s trio danceShepherds’ Romance

The dance presents scenes where people of pastoral areas lead a happy life through hand work. The joy of life is shown in smooth and merry music and dance.


7.马头琴齐奏《万马奔腾》Morin Khuur?Galloping Horses

Morin khuur is a stringed instrument peculiar to the Mongolian Nationality. Galloping Horses is a world-famous classic piece. The music vividly depicts horses’ neighing and their vigor of galloping on the grassland. ????8.魔术表演:《魔术》??Magic show???In 2014, Liu took part in the creation and acted as the main performer of Legend of the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the first large-scale magic drama for children in Inner Mongolia, filling a blank in magic drama for children. He has entered competitions many times. In 2017, the won gold award at the Tenth Shanghai International Magic Festival with a song entitled “Beautiful Grassland, My Home”.

9.男女群舞《牧场风情》?Group dance Pasture Scenes??

This program highlights the bold and unrestrained manner of Mongolians, a nation of people on horseback. In the dance, the changing formations are fascinating and allow the audiences to enjoy a taste of the free and unrestrained life on the grassland. ????’


This program is an ode to the broad and beautiful grassland, and it depicts scenes where people on the grassland build a beautiful home with their own hands.

11.杂技表演《女子柔术》Acrobatic performanceWomen’s Jiu-jitsu

In the program, acrobatic elements beyond man body limits are completed with overall strength and softness of top, waist and legs in basic skills. The performing capacity and collaboration between the performers require long-time training and innate flexibility.

12.二重唱《爱的旋律》?Duet song 《Melodi4es of Love

This song is an ode to the touching love between boys and girls on the grassland.

13.杂技表演《高杆》Acrobatic performance High-pole Art Form?

Based on solid basic skills, the program tactfully combines modern art with Mongolia art. It goes with unique props design, forming an art work that is extremely difficult to complete.

14.男女群舞《乌勒牧金白斯古楞》?Group dance?《Happiness》

Featuring Mongolian bowl dance, which is peculiar to the Mongol nationality, this piece expresses people’s joy in leading a happy life.

15.呼麦《我的大草原》?Khoomei My Prairie??????曙光

Khoomei is a singing style peculiar to Mongolian people. It is recorded on the list of World Intangible Cultural Heritage. One person can give out 2-3 parts. The high pitch shows a metallic color, while the low pitch is thick and strong, rendering the audience relaxed and happy.

16.杂技表演《女子转碟》??Acrobatic performance Spinning Plates?

In this program, each female performer carries plates with a pole that is about one meter long and as thick as a pencil. They keep spinning the plates, like fairies walking in waves. From a distance, the plates look like lotus leaves standing against breeze, or flying butterflies. It is beautiful and lyrical. ????’

17.歌伴舞《我不想说再见》Song and dance I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye

This song expresses great affection and unwillingness to part, and it also celebrates friendship that lasts forever, extending strong longing for meeting again and best wishes for one another. ?


  • 文化团组介绍


翁牛特旗乌兰牧骑多次受到党和国家领导人毛泽东、朱德、刘少奇、周恩来、邓小平等老一辈无产阶级革命家的亲切接见。 ?2017年11月21日,习近平总书记给苏尼特右旗乌兰牧骑回信;2017年11月25日,自治区党委副书记、自治区主席布小林专程来翁牛特旗乌兰牧骑进行慰问调研。目前,翁牛特旗乌兰牧骑更加百倍的信心,牢记总书记的关怀和殷切期望,扎根草原生活沃土,服务农牧民群众,充分发挥乌兰牧骑六项任务“宣传、服务、辅导、演出、创新、传承”,永远做草原上的“红色文艺轻骑兵”。



Profile of the Troupes


1.Ulanmuqi Troup of Wengniute Banner of Chifeng

Ulanmuqi Troupe?of Wengniuteqi County?is one of the excellent Ulanmuqi troupes from Inner Mongolia?Autonomous Region which is founded in 1957. It is known for its terse and forceful, diversified and flexible performances. Since its establishment, it has put on more than 6,000 shows?and viewed by more than 6.40 million person-times. The “red literary and art?troopers” received national awards eight times and autonomous region-level awards more than 50 times. Since 2013, at Chinese Mongolian Dance Competition, Dance Competition of Five Provinces and Autonomous Regions of North China, Mongolian and Mandarin Competition of Playlet & Sketches of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Vocal Competition of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and New Artists & New Works Competition of Ulanmuqi Troupes of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the troupe has received more than 20 awards.

Ulanmuqi Troupe of Wengniuteqi county was graciously received?by?Party and state leaders including Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping. On November 21, 2017, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of?the CPC Central Committee?replied the troupe’s letter. On November 25, 2017, Bu Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region?and President of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region paid a special visit to?the troupe. At present, with full confidence, keeping in mind the General Secretary’s care and ardent expectations, the troupe takes roots in the grassland and serves farmers and shepherds. By vigorously performing Ulanmuqi troupes’ six tasks, namely propaganda, service, coaching, performance, innovation and inheritance, it will always act as a red literary and art trooper on the prairie.


  • Acrobatic Troupe of ?Inner Mongolia Bureau Of National Art Troupes

Acrobatic Troupe of Inner Mongolia Bureau Of National Art Troupes?is the sole professional acrobatic performance group at the autonomous region level in Inner Mongolia, which is set up in 1960. It has adopted and created more than 30 acrobatic programs, and put on large-scale national acrobatic shows. Since 1987, with its various programs, the troupe has won more than forty gold, silver and bronze awards at domestic and international competitions. Over the years, the troupe has put on performances in more than forty countries and regions across five continents, making outstanding contribution to cultural exchanges between China and the world.