The economic ties between Ethiopia and China is growing every time with ups in trade and investment volumes. Sources indicates that Ethiopia and China started economic relations about 100 B.C dating back to the Han dynasty of China and the Aksumite empire of Ethiopia. The two countries made official relationship when they opened embassies in their respective capitals beginning from 1972. This relationship has reached a greater level over the last two decades. Currently, the bilateral relations are multifaceted benefiting both sides. Many Chinese companies are engaged in several development projects in Ethiopia. The socio cultural relationship of the two countries is also the other face of these bilateral relations.

China has been working to enhance its bilateral ties with Ethiopia for many years. Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is its gateway to Africa. This has qualified Ethiopia to be part and parcel of Chinese projects in Africa, including the Belt and Road Initiative. Using their age -old relations, Ethiopia and China has already developed strong win- win situations. The relations between Ethiopia and China have reached to the optimum level and this has a special place in the history of Ethiopian diplomacy.

Ethiopia is among China’s comprehensive strategic cooperation partners in several sectors including the “Belt and Road” initiative. The relationships between Ethiopia and China are far deeper and they have very strong and excellent relationships. This goes in every aspect of our corporation. China and Ethiopia are both leading countries in terms of global economic growth, and Ethiopia has been seeing very fast economic growth.

These times, the economic cooperation based on mutual interest is bearing fruit, a fruit that can contribute to Ethiopia’s growing economy. The various infrastructural developments that are seen throughout the country are good manifestations in this regard. Chinese engineers and professionals together with their Ethiopian counterparts are massively engaged in the ongoing developmental projects of the country.

Despite differences in language, the twosome is able to show the world the other form of language that can be expressed in the form of working together for better future. This mutual understanding irrespective of language and cultural difference is gaining momentum. Using their age old bilateral relationships these two sisterly countries are able to show the works of their hands to the world.

As part of this mutual cooperation and understanding, Chinese people are also showing their commitment and fraternity to Ethiopia in the area of Charity activities. Lately, over three hundred Chinese, who came from different enterprises and organizations, had spent their time in Ethiopia to take part in Ethio-China cultural exchange and charity program.

This cultural exchange and charity program had offered a chance to taste Chinese and Ethiopian cuisine. On the event, Ethiopian song was sung by Chinese musician, and Chinese songs were also performed by Ethiopian singer. Chinese traditional peacock dance was also performed by children who came from Muday Charity Association. What is more, the event has created Ethiopian Wushu Federation to show the talent of its members before invited guests. A photo exhibition that caught the attention of visitors was also the other part of the day. On the event inspiring pictures that are taken by Chinese photographer was displayed to invited guests.

Meanwhile, Chinese medical team had lately provided free health care treatment and educational material support to school children in need at Muday Charity Association. The support by members of the 20th Chinese medical team in Ethiopia had also incorporated food items provision. The support was done in partnership with the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and Chinese companies.

Zhao Cheng,Chinese medical team leader and cardiologist, told The Ethiopian Herald that the free health care service provision to students that are found at Muday Charity Association is to enable school children who are drawn from financially insecure families and to help them attend their class effectively and freely . According to Zhao, ten medical team members have provided medical services including mouth, respiratory organ treatments, eyes protection and heart condition checkups.

Zhu Wenqiang, secretary at the Chinese embassy in Ethiopia, for his part said that the support provided to children at Muday Charity Association is part of the Chinese government’s commitment to strengthen its relation with its African friends. “China is still a developing country but we still think it is our obligation to help African friends as much as we can,” he said.

He notes: “We will invite Chinese companies to perform similar community support activities in Ethiopia. It is a great initiative and we will continue doing this in the future.”